TEDxTUHHSalon: Life and Death

TEDxTUHHSalon – "Life and Death"

If you weren't at TEDxTUHHSalon, here is what happened:

First, we got all jazzed up with the TU Big Band, and then Dr. Thomas Fleischmann dropped some seriously interesting information about what it is like to die. (Needless to say, we no longer fear death.) After that, Martin Percy introduced his new interactive film, Life-Saver (to try it out, go here). Then we were swept off our feet by the opera singing of Moritz Vieth, accompanied by Lennart Lucius on piano. Mid-wife Bettina Breunig then shared the beauty and wonder of natural birth, explaining the importance of being born naturally. Finally, Rüdiger Nehberg inspired us all with his breath-taking work to fight female genitalia mutilation around the world. To finish up, the TU Big Band lifted our spirits with more terrific jazz tunes!
Videos of these talks and performances will appear soon on this website!

July 2, 2014: TEDxTUHHSalon

When: 2nd of July, 2014, from 18:00 to 19:30
Where: Audimax 2 (see map)

On 2nd of July TEDxTUHH hosted its first conference for 2014.


Martin Percy

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Thomas Fleischmann

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Rüdiger Nehberg

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Bettina Breunig

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